Friday, March 27, 2009

Tropical Colors on Deep Blue Sea Pillow

This is the finished pillow. It measures 14x14. I don't usually use much blue, but this hand dyed color is called 'deep blue sea' and I think it sets off the bright batiks perfectly. I had to add my favorite little bird in the corner. I think my next pillow will be geometric-circles again- using wool, silk,and the batiks. I'm also thinking of doing one with embroidery and all crocheted flowers. Also need to finish some pincushions and maybe some floral crochet bracelets for summer. I found out from Lisa Swifka, organizer of OWOH, that there is going to be an article about the OWOH event in Somerset Studios ' Artful Blogging" magazine and that the pincushion I offered for my giveaway is going to be included. It should be in the summer issue that comes out in May! Back to sewing!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Group eyeglass cases

Another use for the abundant amount of hand dyed wool I have. These work up fairly quickly and I can do the crocheted flowers and as little or as much embroidery as I want. I might add buttons or beads to some of them. I have added fleece to the inner lining to give it some padding.
The batik appliqued pillow is underway, I'm doing the blanket stitching now. Slow work,but relaxing. I also just picked up 'A Homemade Life' by Molly Wizenberg and plan to spend some nonstitching time reading it. She writes the blog 'Orangette' at which I stumbled upon by accident and just love. A great food blog!
Hopefully I will have the pillow done by my next post. All these things are available at our etsy, artfire,1000market, and lollishops sites.