Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Early Spring At the Arboretum

We are so glad to have become members of our Landscape Arboretum. What a great resource to have so close at hand. With all our snow gone now the bulbs are emerging. First to bloom are the dwarf iris pictured above. Such a beautiful color! The snowdrops are also in bloom. I am going to be doing quite a bit of planting this year; mainly digging up an old perennial bed and replacing it with all fruit and vegetables. I want raspberries, blueberries,strawberries and blackberries for jam making and cucumbers for pickles. I am researching the blackberries for one that will be hardy for our zone 4. I am also going to help put in a large fruit garden at my mother's way north of here and she's a zone 3. I know I won't have problems with most of it except for the blackberries. This is where the Arboretum will be invaluable. I will do my tomatoes, peppers, etc. in pots, this always works best for me.

This is the only spot out there that still has a bit of snow as of last week- the woodland area near a babbling creek. We take the 3 mile walk first every time we go and then get off on some of the other walking paths- the Forest walk, Bog walk, Woodland walk- and then take a look at all the demonstration gardens. I am amazed at the variety of plant material there.

In addition to my fruit and veggie garden I have plenty of other areas that need attention. I am planting shrubs along the street front for more privacy and would like to add this tree to the front yard- a Prunus Maackii or Amur Cherry. It is the bark that I just love, it shines in the sun as though it were wrapped in copper. Apparently it has creamy white flowers in the spring and fruit for the birds that I can also use for jam! I will keep taking photos out there and post them- the hillside of crabapple trees should be spectacular!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Trip To Northfield

We went to one of our favorite places last weekend, Northfield. Spring has finally arrived- the Cannon River that runs right through town was roaring over the falls. Just the week before there was still a layer of ice there. the building in the background is the original Malt-O-Meal building.

Northfield has plenty of old, historic buildings. This is the entry to a restaurant/bar in the lower level of the Archer House which is on the river.

This is another view of the river from near the tavern. This is the highest I've seen it in all the times we've been down here. There doesn't seem to be any worry of flooding here, but there is plenty to worry about in other parts of the state.

This is the corner of the block where the old bank buildingis located. It now houses a museum dedicated to Northfield history, most notably the thwarted bank robbery attempt by the Jesse James gang.

I love the architecture here. They have not torn everything down to make way for generic new buildings. The town also is home to two colleges- St. Olaf's and Carleton. Beautiful campuses. Another great day trip which also included some birdwatching-it is that time of year!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Colette's Jewelry

We are pleased to introduce a line of beautiful jewelry handmade by our friend,Colette. Some pieces like these pictured are made with hand painted glass beads, natural shells and stones, and vintage beads and buttons.

Other pieces use vintage costume jewelry put together in interesting and beautiful combinations. These items are currently available on our website. Check them out!