Saturday, June 18, 2011


I can't believe I have not posted for over a month! We have such a short gardening season here that most of my time has been spent in the yard. The slow start to spring pushed everything back, but I did manage to get the window boxes done.
The back yard is mostly in maintenance mode; we have a few areas to work on but generally feel this shady area is complete. The front yard is our new project- we can add lots of sun loving perennials there. We started with lots of shrubs; I'll post pics later.
The two pots on the front steps are looking really good- thanks, Colette for the cannas!

About 15 years ago I laid a blue stone walk up to the front door. I meticulously cut the sod around each stone and fit it together like a puzzle leaving grass between each stone. Over the years it got mowed over but never trimmed and the stones started getting grown over. Well, we reclaimed the walk! I had forgotten how many stones there actually were. We thought we might plant some creeping thyme between the stones but I like the way it looks now so may have to give it some more time like this before I commit to anything.
I have also been busy with indoor projects- here's the new rug in the living room- my favorite rusts and greens.
We also removed the old victorian sofa( nice, but not very practical) from the sun room and got new rattan chairs and a new rug.
Also, I have lots to make for an upcoming show we are participating in on July 23rd- The Tangletown Garden tour in the Tangletown area of Minneapolis. Sponsored by the Tangletown Garden Center and about 3 art galleries each private garden on the tour will have two to three artists set up selling their art. Since it is a 'garden' environment I will have lots of floral items to sell, starting with my pillows:
Lots of my appliqued towels:
lavender filled sachets:
of course, my pincushions:
and the eyeglass cases. I can also include some handbags and the felted tiles/mug mats. Jim will have all of his leather bags, cases, and cuff bracelets. Should be lots of fun! Here's hoping for good weather and I better get busy!