Friday, July 30, 2010

New Look

I'm playing around with a new look for this blog and thought I would post some pictures I took at home and at the arboretum this late spring and summer.
We've had plenty of rain and heat this summer and the plants have really flourished.
Peonies are some of my absolute favorites and they were spectacular.

It is such a treat to see the combinations at the arboretum, very inspiring.
I love the colors of the azaleas even though I'm not fond of the plant in general. Once the blooming is over it is ho-hum if not downright ugly.
But, you can't beat the colors!

Even though it is just the beginning of August I am looking forward to fall and our drives in the bluff country-beautiful foliage colors! Next week I hope to go picking blackberries for more jam making. The freezer is filling up with fruit and veggies for jams and chutneys. I'm hoping to make small gift baskets as gifts for the holidays and would rather do it once the weather cools down. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It seems I have been spending all my time making the same thing over and over again, namely pincushions, to fill orders. It's nice to take a look at other projects, finished or not,from time to time. The above is a centerpiece of hardangar I made a number of years ago. I love the intricacy of this type of embroidery, but I'm not sure my eyesight's up to it anymore! Those are crabapples I picked today. Don't they look like cherries?
Among my current unfinished projects are these eyeglass cases waiting to be sewn up, 12 more to make and then sent to Alaska.
I have also been working on a hooked rug I started a couple of years(!) ago. I'm not sure what color to use for the background, I'm leaning toward a cream color.
The design was inspired by a book I have on Clarice Cliff pottery- the ones with floral designs. For pottery made in the 20's and 30's it is so bright and funky.
Now for some finished projects. I made two batches of jam- strawberry and raspberry/blueberry along with bread and butter pickles. The cucumbers came from the garden, but the berries I had to buy from the farmer's market. Next year some of the raspberries and blueberries will be from the backyard!
I have also kept busy painting the outdoor furniture- all in new colors.
The light green color has become a favorite- in fact I'm going to incorporate it in the kitchen when I do a little ( just painting and rearranging) remodel this fall.
It is amazing to me that all this furniture was stored away- the only thing I bought this year was a new umbrella.
And ,finally, a birdhouse I painted long ago and just recently reclaimed from storage. Well, back to sewing!