Tuesday, December 20, 2011

new etsy items

Just a quick post showing a few new items listed on etsy. These mini pincushions measure slightly smaller than my standard pincushions- 3"x1 1/2" as opposed to 4"x2".
I think this size is perfect for tucking into a sewing basket or even for a travel size sewing kit.
I am also listing another felted tile. This has been crocheted and then felted, measures 4" square.
I have embellished it with hand crocheted flowers and embroidery. I have left the threads as little tassels on the edges. This can be used as a mug mat, trivet, or just for decoration. Well, that's it for now. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

custom order

I just finished this handbag for a custom order and am really pleased with the results. The customer requested the deep eggplant color and specified that she likes the rust, apricot, buttery yellow, and purple colors for the flowers. What luck! My favorite colors to work with!
She also requested a velcro closure-which I don't usually do- but still wanted the corozo nut button as an accent. I love these buttons especially when I can layer them in the different colors. This one got a plum colored one topped with a sliver shaped one in orange.
Since the front was so heavily decorated I went a little sparser on the back.
It gives the purse two different looks.

Very time consuming, but very satisfying to work on. I have listed it in my etsy shop as a reserve-when my customer gets back she can purchase it there. If she decides against it I will remove the reserve and leave it in the shop. On to other projects!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

holiday orders

Just a quick post today-I'm using this blog to help keep track of things I am making. This is part of an order I am working on to stock some of the shops and galleries for the upcoming Holiday sales.
These are lavender filled sachets all neatly packaged and ready to go. I have been buying the lavender from an organic source and the scent is heady and long lasting.
If I have time I plan on putting these up on etsy, too.
These are so much fun to make, work up quickly and can look so different with just a change of color.
A sweet smelling array of blooms!
Back to work- so much more to make!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fiber Art Almanac 2012

It has been quite a gap in blog posts, but things have been busy around here. We did the Tangletown garden tour which was great. A bit of rain in the morning but lovely the rest of the day. Beautiful gardens- I wish we could have toured the rest of them! Since then the Fiber Art Almanac for next year has come out and I am very pleased to be included.
We met with Jenny for the photo shoot back in March at a local coffee shop/bakery. She did such a great job on the photos!
I love the way she displayed the pincushions like little cakes on the cake plate. My pillows and eyeglass cases were also included.
This Saturday there is a show at the Textile Center in Minneapolis showcasing the work in the almanac. I will be there for 3 hours in the morning for a 'meet and greet'. Should be fun!
In addition to that we have been very busy with long overdue household remodeling and repairs- 2 bathrooms remodeled, family room makeover, roof repairs and exterior painting. We are in the final week and I am so relieved! Workmen in and out can get so tiring. A lot of the work we were able to do ourselves and I am glad to get it done.
Next post will feature items I am working on getting ready to stock the galleries and shops for the holidays (already)!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

applique towels

I am still busy working on things for the upcoming Tangletown Garden tour. Since we will be
sitting in someone's beautiful garden I am making lots of floral items. I love working with flour sack towels- the texture is so wonderful.
Most of the fabrics for the applique are hand dyed cottons and purchased batiks.
As usual, one of my inspirations is Clarice Cliff pottery- so colorful!
Now on to pincushions, sachets, and eyeglass cases. Only 3 weeks left!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I can't believe I have not posted for over a month! We have such a short gardening season here that most of my time has been spent in the yard. The slow start to spring pushed everything back, but I did manage to get the window boxes done.
The back yard is mostly in maintenance mode; we have a few areas to work on but generally feel this shady area is complete. The front yard is our new project- we can add lots of sun loving perennials there. We started with lots of shrubs; I'll post pics later.
The two pots on the front steps are looking really good- thanks, Colette for the cannas!

About 15 years ago I laid a blue stone walk up to the front door. I meticulously cut the sod around each stone and fit it together like a puzzle leaving grass between each stone. Over the years it got mowed over but never trimmed and the stones started getting grown over. Well, we reclaimed the walk! I had forgotten how many stones there actually were. We thought we might plant some creeping thyme between the stones but I like the way it looks now so may have to give it some more time like this before I commit to anything.
I have also been busy with indoor projects- here's the new rug in the living room- my favorite rusts and greens.
We also removed the old victorian sofa( nice, but not very practical) from the sun room and got new rattan chairs and a new rug.
Also, I have lots to make for an upcoming show we are participating in on July 23rd- The Tangletown Garden tour in the Tangletown area of Minneapolis. Sponsored by the Tangletown Garden Center and about 3 art galleries each private garden on the tour will have two to three artists set up selling their art. Since it is a 'garden' environment I will have lots of floral items to sell, starting with my pillows:
Lots of my appliqued towels:
lavender filled sachets:
of course, my pincushions:
and the eyeglass cases. I can also include some handbags and the felted tiles/mug mats. Jim will have all of his leather bags, cases, and cuff bracelets. Should be lots of fun! Here's hoping for good weather and I better get busy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

re-do part 2

I have wanted to give the living room a makeover for some time now and have wanted to see how inexpensively I could do it. I love a bargain and enjoy repainting, repairing, and sewing what I can myself. I started with the kitchen table turned into a coffee table in the last post and now it is a dresser to add storage to the room. This was found at an antique shop and is in very good shape. It even comes with a mirror which I'll use somewhere else! The color was a turquoise/ green- nice,but not what I wanted. The colors I am going for are more a celery or light spring green and shades of warm rust- the walls are a pale yellow. Lots of warm colors!
So the dresser is now a wonderful 'fired brick' color. I kept the glass knobs and handles on for now- I may change them later. A different decorative knob for each would be fun.
This dresser (and mirror) only cost $135. The coffee table was only $220. Both of those items came in under my budget so I bought lots of fabric to do pillows and a new swag for the windows (you can see a tiny bit in the photo-I'll show more later). All of it was on sale at the local fabric store; in fact the 8 yards I needed for the swag only cost $27! My beat up 35 year old wing back chair that has been hiding under a slip cover is in to the upholsterer right now and should be done on Friday. That is my big ticket expense- fabric $100 and the work done will be about $300. I should be done next week-wait til you see the rug I bought!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'before' and after

There's probably no point to 'before and after' shots when you forget to take the 'before' pics, but I had to share my new/old coffee table. It was a standard height, rustic, farmhouse style kitchen table. We picked it up at an antique store and I knew it would be perfect. You can tell it was most likely handmade as the top is a little off from the base.
The base was painted a turquoise/green which wasn't bad, just not the color I wanted. I have used this lighter green on a few other things and just love it. The top was very dry, gray and stained from years of use. I like the worn look of it so just applied a clear varnish and the color changed to such a rich, warm brown. The reason I didn't get pics right away is because we had to saw the legs down in the parking lot just to get it in our rather small car! I have wanted a bigger coffee table because I do a lot of projects in this room and need the space to spread out.
My latest project is what I am calling 'felted tiles'. I have wanted to do some felting, but wanted a project I could still incorporate my embroidery and crochet into.
I crocheted the squares and then hand felted them. I like to leave some of the crocheting effect visible for added texture.
Then I added the embroidery leaving the knotted and tasseled ends for added interest.
I like polka dots so this one got crocheted dots.
I am not completely satisfied with these yet, but I have lots of ideas so will keep experimenting.
So this is what I have been doing lately. We still are having off and on miserable weather, still waiting to start gardening. Have to keep busy!