Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fiber Art Almanac 2012

It has been quite a gap in blog posts, but things have been busy around here. We did the Tangletown garden tour which was great. A bit of rain in the morning but lovely the rest of the day. Beautiful gardens- I wish we could have toured the rest of them! Since then the Fiber Art Almanac for next year has come out and I am very pleased to be included.
We met with Jenny for the photo shoot back in March at a local coffee shop/bakery. She did such a great job on the photos!
I love the way she displayed the pincushions like little cakes on the cake plate. My pillows and eyeglass cases were also included.
This Saturday there is a show at the Textile Center in Minneapolis showcasing the work in the almanac. I will be there for 3 hours in the morning for a 'meet and greet'. Should be fun!
In addition to that we have been very busy with long overdue household remodeling and repairs- 2 bathrooms remodeled, family room makeover, roof repairs and exterior painting. We are in the final week and I am so relieved! Workmen in and out can get so tiring. A lot of the work we were able to do ourselves and I am glad to get it done.
Next post will feature items I am working on getting ready to stock the galleries and shops for the holidays (already)!