Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Blossoms

It felt like time to do some summer themed items and work with something lighter than wool.I love using flour sack towels and the batiks work nicely against the white.

The pots we planted outside the shop are coming along nicely.

These pots should be even fuller come the middle of July. You can't beat sitting on the porch and stitching towels as part of your workday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Magazine Photo of Pincushion

Another way to use small pieces of left over wool. These also work up fairly quickly and I can do as much or as little crochet and embroidery as I want.
The newest Artful Blogging magazine came out this month and I am thrilled that my pincushion giveaway for OWOH was included in the wonderful article about Lisa Swifka. The entire magazine is beautiful and very inspiring.

I have been digging out some unfinished projects and contemplating additions to some of them. I haven't done any quilting for a while and have one wallhanging size I might pick up again. It needs more applique and some other embellishments. Will post the work in progress next time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mini Pincushions Group

We have been very busy trying to decide which direction to take our shop. The slow economy still is an issue, yet this past week has been very good. We were contemplating a move to a location with better traffic but hate to give up on this little cottage. Especially with Spring upon us and our pots planted on the porch it would be hard to move. The internet sales continue and we are testing the possibility of selling some of our items wholesale- anything to keep ourselves self employed and making our handcrafted items!
I am trying my pincushions in a smaller size( actually, I made some similar as ornaments for Christmas) which would be perfect size for sewing baskets. These are available in our etsy shop, . I'm also working on bookmarks and bracelets which I'll try posting next time. We also have been taking our Sunday day trips down to bluff country along the Mississppi River birdwatching and wildflower searching. I recently got a flower press my mother had 30 years ago and hope to put it to good use. Will post pictures soon!