Wednesday, August 12, 2009

crocheted gifts and cookbooks

I have spent the last few days replenishing my supply of crocheted soap bags. I had a young woman in the shop who dislikes the feel of a bar of soap against her skin and was thrilled to
see the bags. An average size bar of soap(or scraps) fit nicely inside and then use it as a washcloth. The little crocheted sachets are lined and filled with lavender- smell wonderful!

We also got our restock of retro cookbooks in. These are full of recipes and helpful hints compiled from Barbara Swell's extensive collection. Since I am attempting my first jam making session with my mother and sister this weekend these have been fun to look at.Unfortunately we are experiencing the hottest week of the summer right now after what has been a very cool season. Oh well.

I think I might do thumbprint cookies using my jam. If I do raspberry jam I would do lemon flavored cookies with the raspberry center. Even with the heat I am looking forward to this!

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