Friday, April 23, 2010


In the last week or so things have really been blooming at the arboretum and one of the earliest is the magnolias. I still have a hard time believing they are hardy here in Minnesota, it seems like such a southern tree. It always looks like paper stuck in the bare branches as the flowers come out before the leaves. They have such a variety at the arboretum-one of my favorites is an "anise" magnolia. The flowers have the typical perfumey scent, but if you crush the twigs it smells like licorice!Two bangs for the buck!
Everyone has been out to see the tulips and other bulbs blooming. It has been such an early and unusually warm spring- if we're not careful we could get spoiled. At least it doesn't look like we will get our typical late smack of snow.

One of the first plant to really pop in my garden is the 'Gold heart Dicentra', my favorite bleeding heart. The picture below is from my garden. The limey green, yellowish foliage is one of my favorite colors. As much as I adore flowers, in my own garden I lean towards texture and beautiful foliage- so serene.
But, of course, another of my favorites are the flowering crabapple trees and other fruit trees. There is a plum tree that is just incredible and the crabapples below are just starting to open. By next week the hillside should be gorgeous!
I will post more photos when they are all in full flower.


Debby said...

Oh so pretty, too cold here for any nice flowers yet.

Lululiz said...

Gorgeous colourful photographs. Magnolias really are quite magnificent.