Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'before' and after

There's probably no point to 'before and after' shots when you forget to take the 'before' pics, but I had to share my new/old coffee table. It was a standard height, rustic, farmhouse style kitchen table. We picked it up at an antique store and I knew it would be perfect. You can tell it was most likely handmade as the top is a little off from the base.
The base was painted a turquoise/green which wasn't bad, just not the color I wanted. I have used this lighter green on a few other things and just love it. The top was very dry, gray and stained from years of use. I like the worn look of it so just applied a clear varnish and the color changed to such a rich, warm brown. The reason I didn't get pics right away is because we had to saw the legs down in the parking lot just to get it in our rather small car! I have wanted a bigger coffee table because I do a lot of projects in this room and need the space to spread out.
My latest project is what I am calling 'felted tiles'. I have wanted to do some felting, but wanted a project I could still incorporate my embroidery and crochet into.
I crocheted the squares and then hand felted them. I like to leave some of the crocheting effect visible for added texture.
Then I added the embroidery leaving the knotted and tasseled ends for added interest.
I like polka dots so this one got crocheted dots.
I am not completely satisfied with these yet, but I have lots of ideas so will keep experimenting.
So this is what I have been doing lately. We still are having off and on miserable weather, still waiting to start gardening. Have to keep busy!


Lululiz said...

The table is great! I love tables like that with a little drawer and the colour is so pretty.
Felted tiles, you come up with such good ideas, they look fantastic.

Threads of Inspiration said...

The table is beautiful. I really like your crocheted/felted tiles. I've seen a lot of knitted felting, but not crochet. I really like the texture it gives. Might have to try that myself!