Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fresh Produce

For those who don't know, we have a brick and mortar store in addition to our 4 online shops. Called 'Manitoba' it is named for the street we are on as we are in Minnesota, not Canada. Maybe not as far north, but just about- we get just as cold! That's why we enjoy the short summers and growing season as much as we can. Our shop carries many local products and works by local artists as well as our own handmade items.

Ames Honey is locally produced and single source. The buckwheat honey is as dark as caramel.There is Basswood, Melon, Summer Blossoms, Clover, and more. The honey book is full of recipes.

We decided to plant a few vegetables in pots behind the shop. I've been able to harvest these over the last few weeks even though it has been cool and dry. We placed the pots on the edge of the parking lot where the heat reflected up on the plants and they have done very well! I'm headed up to my sewing room to stitch pillows for my bedroom and porch out of some lovely bark cloth..
I almost forgot- we were the featured artisans on handmadenews. The link is Thanks for visiting!

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Maria Allen said... do you keep up with all of that? What a lovely shop you have. One day I want to have a pretty shop too. Is your studio located in the same building?

Thanks for sharing :)