Sunday, July 18, 2010


It seems I have been spending all my time making the same thing over and over again, namely pincushions, to fill orders. It's nice to take a look at other projects, finished or not,from time to time. The above is a centerpiece of hardangar I made a number of years ago. I love the intricacy of this type of embroidery, but I'm not sure my eyesight's up to it anymore! Those are crabapples I picked today. Don't they look like cherries?
Among my current unfinished projects are these eyeglass cases waiting to be sewn up, 12 more to make and then sent to Alaska.
I have also been working on a hooked rug I started a couple of years(!) ago. I'm not sure what color to use for the background, I'm leaning toward a cream color.
The design was inspired by a book I have on Clarice Cliff pottery- the ones with floral designs. For pottery made in the 20's and 30's it is so bright and funky.
Now for some finished projects. I made two batches of jam- strawberry and raspberry/blueberry along with bread and butter pickles. The cucumbers came from the garden, but the berries I had to buy from the farmer's market. Next year some of the raspberries and blueberries will be from the backyard!
I have also kept busy painting the outdoor furniture- all in new colors.
The light green color has become a favorite- in fact I'm going to incorporate it in the kitchen when I do a little ( just painting and rearranging) remodel this fall.
It is amazing to me that all this furniture was stored away- the only thing I bought this year was a new umbrella.
And ,finally, a birdhouse I painted long ago and just recently reclaimed from storage. Well, back to sewing!

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