Saturday, December 11, 2010

needlework magazine

I did a little thrift store shopping this week before the big snow storm blew in and found this perfect magazine rack. The green color matches the green toile print wallpaper in my dining room. Speaking of magazines, I thought I would share some pages in another of my collection of vintage mags. This one is Home Arts needlecraft, October 1935- in the midst of the Depression.My mother was 1 year old and my dad was 3. Both sets of grandparents were raising kids ( my mom's family-4 kids, my dad's- 9 kids) on farms in northern Minnesota.
I love the art work in these old mags- and they can be quite amusing. Apparently only one guy makes the grade based on his brand of cigs.
Here we have a nice pattern for a chair set, mat, and table runner all done in applique and embroidery. The instructions are included elsewhere.
For the bedroom we have patchwork quilts done with floral applique. I wish this had been shown in color- the 1930's combinations are so fun.
And now for the dining room- gorgeous cutwork linens. It says these were done in buttonhole stitch in blue, green, gold,and orchid. I have done some cutwork and believe me it is time consuming.
Let's not forget a recipe page- these were all recipes using oysters- Creamed, Scalloped, Stew, and Bisque. I am not an oyster fan so I would have been disappointed these were the only recipes.
A little decorative stitching project to liven up the living room:
And, of course the fashion pages:I love the styles of the 30's, on this page I'm partial to the apron pattern.
And here's a few patterns for stepping out.The sizing is so odd, they are listed as 'years', such as "designed for 16,18,and 20 years".
The 'stove of your dreams' is a beautiful porcelain enamel combination coal and wood burning range. I like the look of these and have thought about buying one and having it converted.
And now for a contest- a chance to win $25 for first place with 22 more chances to win anywhere from $15 to $2.50. During those years that was probably pretty good. Plus, the first place winner also got a 9x12 Axminster rug awarded for 'promptness'. Just in case you needed a little help they give you some examples of words you could use- 'base', 'vase', 'ace', 'space', 'lace', 'face', etc.
And for all you ladies who can get 6 of your friends and neighbors to subscribe to Needlecraft magazine- you will be rewarded with this One and Only Shirley Temple doll. This would have been a big deal- I have pictures of my Mom and aunt at this time with those sausage curls: they endured frequent sessions of having their hair twisted up in rags to achieve this look.
Here are economical stamped linens ready to be assembled and embroidered. You can order any number of squares and stitch them together to make larger tablecloths.Prices range from .25 to.39 cents.
And now for some of the needlework I have finished . These pincushions are part of an order going to the shop in California.
I particularly like this one in shades of Flamingo pink and Orange sherbet.

And these eyeglass cases have been sent to the shop in Alaska. I have a few more to fill before Christmas and then hope to work on stockpiling so I don't always feel so rushed.
Hope you enjoyed the brief jaunt through 1935!

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Lululiz said...

Looking through the magazine with you was so much fun. I love those ads as well, makes me giggle though when I see the prices.