Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new projects

I love batik fabrics.I have quite a stash of them and sometimes use them for applique work. Lately it seems my time is spent making pincushions and eyeglass cases to fill orders and I would really like to stretch myself a little. I decided to treat myself at Christmas and purchase one of Jude Hill's online classes over at Spirit Cloth. I tried the cloth to cloth class which is an introductory course to her fabric weaving technique for quilting. The videos were wonderful- it is so interesting to watch an artist at work and see the process beginning to end.This type of quilting is so different from my usual work- much more spontaneous, it's nice to loosen up a bit. the first step was to tear strips of cloth- tear, not cut! That part alone was fun!
Then I started weaving sample pieces- some of these are the batiks and others are cottons I dyed myself. Playing with the colors was so much fun. the one above is a tiny piece using bright colors I'm especially drawn to and the one below has a dark blue purchased batik and a mottled sky blue that I dyed. Blue is not a color I use much, but this combo is so pretty. This piece will be the background for embellishing with embroidery and more. I would like to meld this technique with my crocheted flowers and embroidery.
I think the techniques will work well together. This is my 'work station'- the coffee table in front of me in the living room.
This is the green piece I decided to start with- the pieces are woven and now I'm stitching down the raw edges. When I made quilts before I would be chained to a sewing machine for the piecing and worked very hard on doing perfect, even quilting stitches. I soon realized I wouldn't be finishing very many quilts. What I love about this is handstitching everything is encouraged- a much freer form.
A few years ago my friend, Colette, was at a weaving demonstration and when the artist was discarding the selvage edge threads she scooped them up and very generously gave them to me. I have been waiting for the right project and this may be it.
The colors are just beautiful so, along with adding some flowers:
I'm going to use the threads for some of the embroidery- couching them done here and there.
It is early stages still and ,of course, I have to work around making more eyeglass cases:

and pincushions!


Lululiz said...

What a fascinating technique! I used to do a lot of ribbon weaving many years ago, but have never tried this.

Anonymous said...

I just found you through our mutual friend, Liz from Lululiz! What exquisite needlework you do! And what lovely gifts you sent to her. Liz is a lucky lady.
So much uniqueness here on your blog!
Happy Sunday Stitching!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I've just been sent by Liz. What wonderful gifts you sent! She's one lucky lady. I'm very interested in your weaving. I'd love to give that a try as a foundation for my freemotion wall hangings. Much easier that cutting up little squares.

Croap Queen said...

Your work is stunning - how I wish I could produce anything half as beautiful!
Jo :-)

Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...

I love your cloth to cloth weavings (I took the second session with jude). Your colors are fabulous. Question about stitching the edges under - are your turning under as you stitch? I think I might like to try this - I've only done them using the edges raw, which I like a lot, too. Thanks!