Thursday, February 3, 2011

batik applique

I have been having so much fun visiting blogs this week that I haven't had time to post. Now orders are coming in and I have to get busy. I recently dug out my stash of batik fabrics to experiment with Jude's weaving method and decided to do some applique work while I had it all out.

I use a very light fusible web when I cut out all my pieces. I don't like stitching around pins
and since I use a buttonhole (or,rather, a blanket stitch) on all the edges basting everything down is just one more step I can do without.
The batiks are just so perfect for leaves and flowers- they add such texture and color . This piece will become a pillow. This is my relaxing project to work on between all the eyeglass cases and pincushions I have to finish.
I have ideas worked out for two more pillows I need to finish this month- will show them later!


Diane said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE THE COLORS!!

Lululiz said...

Great choice of fabrics for this, they give the flowers and leaves such nice depth. Your blanket stitches are so incredibly neat, I am in awe.

joe said...

stunning, debra!! is that batik applique on WOOL? beautiful! (even beautiful if it isn't wool...but it kinda looks like it on my monitor). you've really outdone yourself on this one! your stitches are so uniform and neat, too! delectable workmanship!

Debra said...

Joe, Yes,it is wool. You wouldn't believe the stash of hand dyed wool I have since I use so much in making pincushions and cases.