Thursday, February 17, 2011

the winner!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year's OWOH event visiting as many blogs as I could and meeting so many like minded people. I've added a number to my blog roll and plan to visit often! I am looking forward to next year's new and slightly different event that Lisa is putting together-sounds like lots of fun! Read all about it and also how to sign up for info. on Lisa's blog. Thanks, again to Lisa for all her hard work hosting. Now for the winner of the pincushion- Morna Crites Moore at Wicked Waif. Congratulations! I will be emailing you for your shipping instructions. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left such nice comments- hope you visit again!


Morna Crites-Moore ~Wicked Waif ~ said...

Wowie! I needed this piece of good luck - this week Doug had a kidney stone + a few other health issues, Adeline had the flu (the REAL flu, diagnosed with a swab test at the doctor's office), and my computer died (I am on a borrowed computer at the moment). So, I'm feeling very much like Yippe! and Yay! because this is GOOD NEWS and I've won your beautiful, beautiful, awesome pincushion! LUCKY ME! Thank you!! :-)

Morna said...

I was just admiring the pincushion last night so I thought I'd stop by and send you additional thanks - I love it. You do beautiful work. :-)