Monday, April 4, 2011

lovely gifts from Liz

What a wonderful surprise today to go out to the mail box and find a nice fat package from Liz. I so enjoy her blog and was very excited to see what goodies lied within!
I knew it would be beautifully wrapped- a lovely vintage lace piece and one of Liz' pretty handmade tags. I do admire her tags! The lace is hand crocheted so I can really appreciate the workmanship- such a pretty pattern.
I must confess I knew lavender was included because the package smelled divine even before I opened it! It is my absolute favorite! I was delighted to see these beautiful hand sewn sachets:
There are 4 of them! Even the ribbons are wonderful- I carefully wound them up and saved them for a future project. Just my colors!
Each one has such pretty seed packet pictures on them. As you can see from my last post I love the graphics on seed packets. This is such a special gift and came at just the right time. I think we all could use a lovely Springtime boost like this. While I am doing spring cleaning I will pop a sachet here and there and enjoy the scent of lavender. Thank you so much, Liz! Not only for these gifts, but also your friendship!

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Lululiz said...

I am so happy you like them, I thought they would bring a little bit of Spring colour to you.
We have just come back from France, where I drooled over your beautiful pincushion and glasses case again. They are very much at home in the cottage.