Monday, October 4, 2010

autumn blooms

We are just starting to reach peak foliage color here and it is making for some beautiful walks and drives, especially at the arboretum. Instead of showing the usual fall colors I thought I would highlight some of the beautiful flowers still blooming at this time of year.
These dahlias are in the trial area so don't have names yet, just numbers. The plants are nearly as tall as I am and the blooms can be as large as a small plate.
I find the variety and range of color amazing!
The stripey ones and bicolor ones are lovely, but my favorites are the apricot and orange-yellow ones.

The one above is spectacular!
I love how twisty this one looks.

Many of the roses are still blooming and smelling wonderfully.

The candy cane looking one is so pretty.

Again, my favorite color:
The annual beds are looking great- I love the castor bean in the background.
The limey green of the potato vine complements everything- one of my most used plants for pots at home.
In not too many weeks this area will be all dug up and planted with bulbs for next spring. It has been a gorgeous year in the gardens!

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Lululiz said...

Those dahlias are quite spectacular.