Sunday, October 31, 2010

piecework and lace trims

Piecework has become one of my favorite publications; so many articles on vintage needlework.The article that attracted my attention this month was on crocheted edgings for linens. There are, of course, lots of machine made laces to use and antique pieces if you're lucky enough to find them.
I especially like the trims used on pillowcases, they look so fresh and delicate.
I do collect the vintage ones, but they always seem to be too short a length to use for anything.
By chance I just happen to be working on a simple fan pattern, maybe to use on pillowcases or sachets. There is something nice about plain white trim.
A few years ago I found this instruction booklet at a second hand store and fell in love with the very colorful 40's style edgings. Embroidered pillowcases, curtains, sachets, and table linens galore. The above white trim is made with crochet cotton:
and these bright ones are made with perle cotton #8. These trims are a little 'meatier' and the perle cotton comes in so many more colors. The sunny yellow one in the middle is my favorite. The advantage to making your own is that not only can you choose the color but can make it whatever length you need.
I ordered a pound of lavender last week and when it arrives I will make some sachets,perhaps embroidering them and edging them with homemade lace. The morning glory embroidery below is on a yet to be finished lingerie bag and I plan to adapt it as well as the orange flower one to pillowcases- trim them in handmade lace-
and while I'm at it maybe I should finish the bags!

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Lululiz said...

I love those crochet trims! I really ought to give something like that a go one of these days instead of just doing granny squares.