Tuesday, November 9, 2010

eyeglass cases

I am trying to keep all the shops well stocked for this Holiday shopping season ( it seems to start earlier all the time), but let's face it, my items are a bit time consuming. I only make ornaments at this time of year although with a few alterations these make great mini pincushions. The Textile center expands their gift shop for the holidays and I took a bunch of ornaments down last week along with other things and hoped to work on eyeglass cases for a couple of other places. Well, they sold out in 5 days!
So, in the middle of making these- the above ones went to Alaska and the unfinished reader sized ones below are going to Lanesboro- I have to switch gears and 'quickly' make more ornaments for the Textile center. We had to cancel doing the No Coast show because of this- just not enough time to be well stocked. Starting in January I will try to set things aside all year for at least a couple shows as well as all the shops. The best laid plans!

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Lululiz said...

I realise you are working your butt off at the moment, but isn't it lovely that your beautiful handmade treasure are just flying out of the stores?