Saturday, November 20, 2010

wrist warmers

I finished my eyeglass cases and ornaments to restock the Textile Center's gift shop and brought them down yesterday. While browsing through all the beautiful items there I came across some lovely knitted fingerless gloves. I have been meaning to make some for myself as I like to keep stitching no matter what and this cold weather does a number on my hands. I tried them on and realized for doing any stitching, be it embroidery or crocheting, I don't like the material around my thumb. I have small hands and all that bulky yarn around my thumb was uncomfortable even though they were wonderfully warm. I needed a bit lighter weight yarn and wrist warmers instead of fingerless gloves.
So, when I got home I had my day planned. A cup of tea, my pattern book, and yarn. I chose the hempathy yarn I have been using for afghan squares. It is lightweight and made of cotton and hemp- warm but not bulky. The pattern I chose was a fan,or shell stitch.
This book is great for choosing textural patterns. I worked out how wide the swatch should be to fit around my wrist and hand and then worked it until it was the length I wanted. Stitch up the seam and done.
It worked up fairly quickly and feels really nice. I have full use of my hands with no bulkiness. Most of the aching in my hands is along the back so this covers that plus there is an added benefit:
I bought these stones that can be warmed in hot water and placed wherever you need a little warmth. They are basalt- flat and really hold heat.
I can slip one in the wrist warmer and it holds it nicely in place. Nice warm therapy!

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Lululiz said...

Oooh, very nice! I like wrist warmers as well, they are so comfy and don't interfere with your work. Like you, I don't like the thumb bits, I have tiny hands.