Thursday, April 26, 2012

catching up

I just love the new colored pencils I recently purchased. So many colors and perfect for the doodling I have been experimenting with for embroidery designs.
It's also gardening time here (a little early) and I have been busy doing up some of my pots. It's not consistently warm enough for most annuals yet ,but I decided to go the 'economical' route this year and pot up perennials instead. I love strictly foliage plants in pots-no deadheading- and these I can plant out in the garden in the fall rather than spending oodles of money on annuals just to compost them at the end of the season.                                                         
I've also done a little flea marketing: these are old postal sorting drawers. I plan to put a succulent plant in each of them as soon as the weather warms a little.
     The next items were just so cute. They were labeled ' French figures' and have a stamped label in French on the back. they remind me of paper dolls only made of wood. I've hung them in the kitchen either side of an old tray. That's it for now!                                

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Lululiz said...

Hi Debra, its great to see a post from again. I love your new designs, especially the paisley ones. I like the look of those pencils, they look so smooth and vibrant.